Do you know how much poisonous apple seeds is?

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Nutrient quality apple is very high in the food, but this apple seed has hidden itself into poison. Because of that, the rules of eating apple stems and seeds are common. The doctors said that apple seeds contain amigadaline seeds. Which produces cyanide in our body by contact with the emission. Cyanide mixed with sugar in the body becomes hydrogen cyanide. From which to death can be.

Cyanide is one of the most notorious poisons. Cyanide is the most used in the field of suicides and murders by chemicals all over the world, and in the battlefield.

This chemical may cause oxygen flows in the brain. In addition to apple, there is cyanide in fruit seeds like apricots, cherries, plum, pitch. Amigadaline contains all the hard shells of these seeds.

Cyanide stabilizes our heart and brain. Moving to a coma, even death can happen. Heart and brain will be harmed in some way or not. Cyanide in general can be a problem of heart attack, choking, convulsion and unconsciousness. Headaches, vomiting, stomach aches, weaknesses can occur when a small amount of stomach occurs.

Depending on the amount of apple seeds that can be harmful to the body depends on weight. Normally 0.5 to 3.5 milligrams of cyanide may become toxic for the human body. Depending on the type of apple and personal maturity, the amount of damage depends. 1 gram apple seed powder contains 0.06-0.24 mg cyanide.

If you swallow apple seeds, there may be problems in the gastric or stomach. So, just after cleaning the seeds to be careful, Apple Khan. If apple seeds have gone wrong in the face, then the burden is only good to drop from the mouth.