Don’t make him friend even by mistake!

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‘Please tell your friend’s friends if they do not accept the proposals of this person’s friendship. He is a hacker and he is associated with your Facebook profile. If any of your Facebook friends are friends with this person Along with that, your account will also be hacked. Tell your friend about this news.

– A warning is spreading among Facebook users. The name of the Facebook profile mentioned in the warning was Jain K Smith

But the message spread on Facebook is totally fake. And the person named Jeden K Smith or does not exist. This information was given in a report by The Telegraph Press.

According to the Telegraph report, there is no logic of belief that the alleged hacker named Jaiden K Smith has information about any Facebook profile. How can any Facebook account be hacked by accepting friendship proposal only?

Meanwhile, after receiving the message in the messenger, many people share it sharing it with friends. But it should also be considered, why not just Smith, a Facebook user can not send mass-friendship proposals. It’s anti-Facebook

Sometimes such misleading information is circulated on Facebook. One such information is that you have to pay for using Facebook, unless you apply it for free.