Don’t throw away 7 things if they comes itselves

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Wishing to welcome these seven things into life is an intelligent act. If neglected by them, life can be imperfect. It may be noted that their description-

1. Gems: If gems come in life, they do not have to return. You have to know, this gems are random-sent. This gem comes to your hand because of your need.
2. Knowledge: There is no day to turn away knowledge. Whether it is inappropriate or unnecessary.
If you do not work at that moment, then the ‘read’ knowledge will not come to work, then who can tell!

3. Religion: Religion means here is not ‘Religion’, but it is related to religion, duties and responsibilities. If this feeling is not available, then there is no question of return.

4. Holiness: This is a feeling. When the feeling of purity once came to life, it is wrong to throw it out. It may start from the feeling that your journey towards higher feeling.

5. Advice: No reminder will be given to ‘Manusmriti’. When no advice can come, no one can know from before.

6. Art: It may be regret later on. The art is not only expensive, it is mixed with care, labor and pleasure. All of them are insulted in the back.

7. Genius Women: Honestly, if women want to come to life, let them come. You can change your life with his companions. Not that he will be your girlfriend or wife, he can be your friend too.