Easy ceiling fan cleaning method

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The fan is one of the things that needs to be cleaned regularly. The fan is very quickly dirty. So it needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the fan is quite a hassle and time-consuming. Tell me so much time in this life! But if it is possible to clean the fan fan in one second, how do you say? Not great Onegoodthingbyjillee has given a great way to clean the fan fan in one second. Fan wings have become more dirty during accumulation of dust. And this part is more difficult to clean. These parts will become clear in this way. Let’s know the way.

First photo

First take a thin pillow cover. Now cover it with fan fan or blade from top to bottom.

Second picture

Hold the cover of the pillow over the wings with the two hands and pull it outwards. You will see all the dirt inside the pillow cover. Now roll the cover of the pillow to the outside. Wash out the dust, and then wash it.

Third photo

Now look at your fan, see how it has become like new.
The fan can be cleaned very easily in this way. It usually does not take more than a second to clear a blade or fan. Full fan will be cleaned in less than 5 minutes. Regularly, if the fan is cleaned in this manner, it will not need to clean the fan with soap water. Dust, scratches, loose dirt come inside the pillow cover, so there is no problem with soap water.