Eat Garlic-Honey for 7 days to get these benefits

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Not only as a food, but a long time ago, garlic has been used as a medicine. Almost every nation in the world has been using garlic to cure diseases from various diseases.

Ancient Greeks used garlic in many areas of their daily life. Apart from this, the athletes of the Olympic Games used to eat garlic to do well in the competition. In ancient China and Japan, garlic was used as a domestic ingredient to reduce high blood pressure. India has been using garlic for a long time to prevent heart attack and knee pain.

Honey is also used in the treatment of various diseases in different countries. In the mid-twentieth century, it was compared to antibiotics. Honey is considered as an infections of the infection. When these two wonderful things happen together, its quality increases even more.

The mixture of garlic and honey works well to cure various types of infection, cold, fever, cough etc. It increases immunity. Only seven days a mixture of garlic and honey can save the body from many infections.

Rice Earth, a lifestyle website, said the process of creating this mixture of honey and garlic.


A medium-sized jar, honey, three to four garlic. (Find out the quotes from the shell.)


Take the juice of garlic in the first jar. Then pour the honey in it. Close the jar face and save the mixture in the refrigerator.

Every day, the mixture is half a teaspoon of the mixture in the stomach Khan. For the prevention of cold infections, it can eat half a teaspoon of six times a day. It will work to remove infection.