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After some days the holy Eid ul Fitr In the meantime, in the purchase of Eid clothes, The vendors are also busy trying to meet the needs of the customers. If you are not buying the Eid dress yet, you can know exactly what kind of clothes are going on in the Eid. What kind of clothing has taken place in the light trend.

Selar came to Kamiz differently

Everybody wants to get relief in clothing after the hot weather. So, now the Pakistani lawn is at the top of the all-time favorite. The demand for these colors and designs is almost in the middle of all the women. There are also shawl threads and handrails, as well as the shifon gorgetet spinning and handrail lawn. The cost of these lounges was 1200-4000 rupees. However, if you want to get a little lower price, you can go to Islampur or New Market.

As Seloor, women’s favorite list includes “Palazzo” or Chaura Muuriar Seloor. Chuadidar demand but not less.

The block’s Selja Kamijas are also running quite well. Design also has innovation. The three types of blocks will be available at Tk 1000-1500.

Sarees mixed with golden silver color

Shopping malls can be seen, at the top of the choice of ladies are the shifton georgat, Katan and jamdani sari. In the blouse, open the back with the cut. Lace, saddle, heavy stony work in saris are also quite visible. Most of these sarees are imported from India. The prices of sarees vary from place to place and material from 2500 to 30000.

Many of the young men prefer Indian anarkali sari. These saris are available in Bashundhara City at 25-30 thousand taka. But for the heavy work saris you will have to spend 50 thousand to one and a half million

You can go to get better saris at Banarasi Palli in Mirpur.

The choice of young ladies:

Now among the young women, the interest of buying gown is quite visible. In order to bring the western country’s garment to the buyers for domestic needs, the busy time is already busy with local booty houses. Aarong, Kraft, and various fashion houses with colors have come from satty gowns to jamakala gowns. Cutting is different. Vendors have been providing Gown with the care of consumers, health and height. So the young men are taking their favorite gown.

The price of these gowns will vary from place to 2500 to ten thousand. Many people buy gauze clothes and gown themselves to design You can go to buy yard clothes in places like Aziz Super Market, New Market.

Modi came in Punjabi

The demand of Punjabi along with which is quite remarkable. Young men in the design of Punjabi are giving more importance to light work towards the neck. The color that suits the color of Punjabi is selected as the Eid garment. Aarang, Langla, Rang, Cats Eye etc. are available in the country’s fashion houses, Bahari color, Bahari design Punjabi.

Running Polo T Shirts:

Keeping in mind the hot weather, the youth kept the Polo T shirts on the list. In these places, the cost of these polo shirts will vary from 350 to 1500 taka.

Knowing what kind of clothes are going on Eid. Then go out without delay and buy your favorite clothes and decorate yourself.