Eid in Shakib-Apu’s family


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Abram Khan win this year will be the first Eid. First of all, the parents and the parents have taken care of their families. One more thing – after the birth of Abram, this year the mother-father’s film ‘Politics’ is being released. After all, we can understand that the son of Abrahan, whose son – Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas Abahram was born on 27 September 2016. This is not the first time Eid is coming to the father. So, this time, Ebat will be cut off with the mother of Abram. Apu is also a little sad because Shakib is going to celebrate Eid.

Apu Biswas said, ‘It feels bad for the boy, because he did not get his father’s first Eid. I am used to the subject, because before that we had to separate our Eid many times before the need for shooting. It has been done that I am shooting Rangamati and Shakib is in Dhaka; Rather, Shakib had to do Eid only for my shooting. Now Shakib is shooting a new photo in London. Shooting date was already given, due to which there is nothing to do. I agree with the smile. ‘

Apu said that he would spend the Eid on smile. He said, ‘I have a family of two films – one is my personal one. Start the day at home, relatives and friends will come and spend time with them. After noon, I will give time in another life. This festival is releasing a picture of me and Shakib, the day after the Eid, I will take pictures of different pictures of the movie. Talk to the audience. I believe visitors will like our image. ‘

Apu said that the whole time of Eid will remain with Abram. He said, ‘I will remain with me, I do not want to keep the boy away for a moment on Eid day. I will go to different places with him, talk to everyone. He understands something and does not understand, he will see how the big picture of his parents spread across the country, how much people love us.

Apu is always watching the picture, but the audience can not understand. Because, at that time he was wearing a burka. Apu to visit theaters this year He said, “I will not see the picture on Eid day. I will look after the Eid, because on Eid day I will walk with the boy and I will go to the movies. However, the picture will not be seen, because the win is too small, for two and a half hours he will be afraid if sitting in the dark.

Shakib-Apu was married on April 18, 2008. The matter was kept secret for a long time. Later this year, Apu opened the media to the media.