Eid market is full of strange name dresses!

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The name of the braided dress is ‘Bahubali’. If you want to buy, Murri Murri!

Kiranamala, birds or Bagira is not a mastani. Eid garment has been grabbed by the Bahubali 2, Rakhi bondage, boss 2. Whatever the garment, the name of the name is like a scarf.

When the market was visited, the frames of birds, kiranmala or bagirao mastani like franc-kamizas have been named after the name of Bahubali 2. There are also several dresses in the market called Sarra, Floor Touch.

The frames, skirts and pants tops have been named as ‘Rakhi Bandhan’ in each of the stores. There were mixed reactions in the market to verify the demand of these clothes named after Indian films and serials.

Many are eager to buy this bizarre name dress. Someone thinks this is trends. Names are a little ridiculous to many.

Dhaka’s beautiful fashion shop seller said. Yunus said, “The new name is given to attract buyers. When the movie or serial is more popular, the name is more in the dress. ”

What is the name on this basis? Asked if there was any change in clothing patterns, he said, “There is no basis for these names. We name ourselves according to our choice. When that goes, that’s the name. ”

Asked about the demand for such clothing, he said, “the demand is good. People are attracted to Indian and Pakistani dresses on the eid occasions. Many are also passionate about Indian cotton yarn unstoppable.

Bashundhara City, one of the biggest shopping malls in the capital Panthapatha did not show any bahari name. Here the floor touches, gowns, millions of dresses, stone-clad dresses and saddle cloths have been found. But no one has been named.

Gausia and NewMarkets have such prominence in the name. Almost all the stores have garment name dresses.

When asked to buy a garment at Ghausia, a buyer asked Sadia Ahmed about his attraction and opinion about the garment name, he smiled and said, “I have no headache for all these names. This kind of naming is the strategy of increasing the price of dres. ”

He said, “The clothes that are in the name of the bizarre name are all made of heavy cotton or other thick cloth. And doing a lot of work, which seems hot. I will wear cotton or other thin fiber clothes as Eid dress, which will be comfortable after Eid. This is the festival of Eid due to cotton clothes I like more. ”
New Market Buyer Nijhum Rahman said, “I do not have any interest in the name of the unusual name. That kind of dress is not worn too much. So buy cotton, linen or thin jorguit clothes. And I bought two gagakas like choice. With which I will make a shirt like my own design. ”

Buyer Majida Akhter said about the demand of ‘Rakhi Bandhan’ of children’s clothing, “Each name is in one store. My daughter bought a frock for her name or ‘Rakhi Bandhan’. I do not know this name for what. However, the choice of the fracta is not the issue. ”

The boys selling Punjabi girls working in the Ultashash shops of Science and Dhaka College are selling Bahubali 2, boss, Sultan etc. Due to the name of the price is even more.

Khalid Ahmed, permanent resident of Elephant Road, who came to buy it, said, “The price has been increased three times with only all the names. But at the same time prices of these Punjabi are very low. ”

Whatever the name may be, the name of the name of the popular Indian movie, during the Eid, is nothing but a strategy to increase the price. The idea was found from almost all buyers.