Finally Dev told about his relation with Rukmini






Rukmini ally of his lover! Many believe he can not keep it! Some of the statements in this relationship with the truth-god rukminira temporary, as was the case Ganguly Das. Some say love is tasa-! The new film ‘Champ’ so that good business at the box office, so why punish rukmini ally of the news being made!

These debates will be answered flatly in a recent interview.

He acknowledges, there is a personal relationship between him and the rukminira. And exclusively to love it, not any other relationship. Another thing that made the vacated. She has a relationship with him because Raj Chakraborty’s new film “rukmini cyampae’ve got to work, do not happen!
“Champ starring in the film are rukmini, his name Jaya. Joya is an ordinary girl. But some qualities in common being hidden somewhere, and that is different from the others and makes it extraordinary. This is not just about cuts rukminira. So I just think King wins her character would be, ‘I will send you.

It also has the remarkable quality that is right! “Rukminii there is no obstacle to recognize the source of my strength. If you do not, and could not go so far. As well as on behalf of my image, my family and essential “, without any secret of the hero!