Finally trace of Apu Biswas found






‘Queen’ fame actress Nutan evidence disappeared from calaccitrangana several days. Movies officials tried to contact her have failed. The Apu get married, have children of different buzz neighborhood movie. The G-makers in government, the heroine has found. Yes, the government said, APU in India. Apu was also on the phone with her. He is not afraid of the threat of coming home.

Yes, conducted by the Sarkar, “Love 2016” while the rest of the missing movie actress. If the theatrical release of the film will be able to finish his part, said builder.

In this context, the G-Sarkar, said: “I am hoping that it would work two or three days. Last month I promised to come APU. Was also on the phone with him. ‘m Still in touch. Balate speak with him face to face India next month to go. ”

Why is the media so APU is behind or out of the country, some of the things you say? In response to this question, “he said APU is not saying anything about it. For security reasons, he was not coming home. ”

Yes, the Sarkar said, “no one had threatened him. I think, because of the threat of the APU is not coming. “Yes, the Sarkarr-run ‘Love 016’ movie shooting began in 014. Shakib Khan, Apu is acting against it.