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Ramadan is the month of fasting in the month of fasting. Ramadan is the unique collection of the beauty and beauty of Islamic life. In this holy month, we spread special mercy, forgiveness and salvation. Blessed are all Muslims Jahan after receiving this great month of gaining Paradise. So it is better to pursue fast in the healthy body.

In this month, you should keep a special focus in the family so that they can perform the vigorous service. Therefore, after fasting all day, it should be kept in mind that iftarita is healthy. Everyday small and large households are addicted to fried foods, although these foods are very mouthful for fasting, not healthy. For this reason, it is very important to have food planning in the month of Ramadan with the proper nutrition in the iftar. One such plan was given below to your advantage.

* Due to the lack of water in our body due to fasting throughout the day, practice eating plenty of water in iftar. Lemon with water can mix with a little sugar and rooh Afza. You can also serve a little sugar mixed with the soaked beans of the morning. Dietetics patients must use sweet substitutes for their prescribed sugar.
* Convenient for easy eating iffan soft food that is easily digested. You can eat with chopped banana and a little sweet. If you can eat yogurt, the stomach will remain cold. Besides, it is circumcised to be eaten with dates.

* Because of one month of Ramadan continuously, iftar occasionally can bring diversity. You can eat salty meals a week or so a day.

* You can have some results in your iftar table. The benefits of fruit are refreshing to the body rapidly in the vacuum of water. Dab water is also useful during the fasting. The dates will be there, but mango, pineapple, etc. are not affected by seasonal fruits.

* You can make some iftar everyday. For example, chicken meat can be harvested and fruity to marinate some packets. Deep fridge.

* Keep the pulse of lentils in small boxes and keep it for 2/3 days. If these extra works are done at once, the prayer or prayer will not be lost. Do not have to disturb the gram and potatoes in the refrigerator and keep it in refrigerator.

* Raw gourd is very beneficial for digestion or body. Iftaking the whole gram flour of the whole day, add little onion on the bowl, chili and lemon mixed with a lot of it will benefit many iftar.