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Tell the world what society, our lives is driven by women. But if you look at most of the women neglect their own. Khan family to keep in mind as the proper nutrition of mothers, and the rest of the charge are so confident that when you do not pay attention to his own body. It simply is not right. As you well known that women in particular are some of the elements the body needs to maintain, after the food enters the body, which is in compliance with the balance diet. And if the shortage of factors, but the danger then! When this happens because the body slowly begins to break down. Has many complex diseases. This article discusses the context of the article, some of the food, which is always important for the girls to eat every day.

What are those rules. Let’s find out:

1. Iron-rich foods to eat
Iron deficiency in the body due to excessive bleeding during piriyodera. As a result, increases the risk of being infected with ayanimiyaya. So women, iron-rich foods such as green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other food will eat more. But the body is not good at all for the cause of anemia or anemia.

2. Folic acid
Folic acid or vitamin B-9 girls to keep the body’s requirement. But more than that, especially before the mother should eat foods that contain large amounts of folic acid. In fact, folic acid, reduces the risk of newborn niurolajikala Deficiency. The child’s heart health as well. What foods contain this ingredient. Especially fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables and cereals contain large amounts of folic acid-rich foods.

3. Calcium-rich foods
Calcium deficiency in the body with age and women. As a result, bones become weak and there was a variety of orthopedic prabelama. Not only that, due to lack of calcium, such as palisisatika increases the risk of ovarian syndrome, temina during pregnancy increases the chances of a variety of complex issues. So, the daily diet of milk, dairy products, calcium-rich foods such as broccoli and ayalamandera important to keep.

4. Vitamin B
Hormonal deficiencies of this material occurs in the body increases the risk of imabyalensa. Therefore, the daily diet of foods rich in vitamin B, such as nuts, cereals, vegetables and fish must.

5. Food that contains zinc
This is another important element, which plays an important role in enhancing the ability of women to prevent disease. Not only helps in cell growth. As a result, reduce the risk of disease. Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and bean seeds are large amounts of zinc.

6. Iodine
The loss of iodine levels in the body to gain weight. Many problems with the pregnancy occurs. So the day of the pod vegetables, krenaberi or to eat strawberries.

7. Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays an important role to strengthen bones. Most of the body of a woman after the age of vitamin D deficiency. So the egg, mushrooms and vitamin D-rich foods such as Cheese start.