Foods that have more benefits in eating together


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Just can not have one without the nutritious elements. And to keep the nutrients necessary to eat more than one meal with one. But with no food, who need to add? Lets know about:

Banana and yogurt
Bengalis have yogurt, bananas and beaten rice mixed together is very loves to eat. Is not it! But why yogurt and bananas to eat together, you know there are going to practice? Daiye of protein and good bacteria. The lack of potassium in the body tissue away. So this kind of exercise, experts advise eating more food.

Berry and strawberry
Black berry and strawberry playing together in the body is never a lack of nutrients. So small to large, all of this day should eat two fruits together.

Tomatoes and olive oil
Tamatoya kerotenayedasa appear to be associated with olive oil and laikopena becomes stronger. To control blood pressure and bad cholesterol, which plays an important role.

Spinach and lemon
Shaker Spinach contains iron, mixed with lemon juice, which plays in the body takes over. Actually increase the body’s ability to absorb iron plays an important role lemon juice. So these two cavities dayatesiyanara advised to eat together.

Egg and cheese
Contains large amounts of calcium and vitamin D-rich eggs Cheese. So! Why eat a meal with one of the two? For calcium to be absorbed by the body, vitamin D is required. Therefore, vitamin D and calcium with meals that have more food to eat. The body will start to be alive.