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Are you in the tension of hair fall? Have you been grumpy to count the number of hair fall? There is nothing to panic. Generally, people are losing hair after 15 years of age. Eat these five meals regularly, not the prevention of hair loss but medicines. This will increase the blood circulation on your head skin. And hair loss and hair loss will decrease.

1. Spinach
This green and nutty leaf is very good for hair. Because it contains lots of vitamin C and iron. Iron deficiency is one of the reasons for hair fall. Spinach service, magnesium, calcium and potassium are also abundant. Which is helpful to keep hair brighter and strong.

2. Nuts and seeds
Pesto nut, flax seed (white seeds), fenugreek seeds, walnuts, sesame etc. contain plenty of omega acids. There is a resilient material that prevents hair breaks. In a study published in the journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2015, those who regularly fed Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, reduced their hair by 90%. Besides, 90% of the patients have hard hair again. Fenugreek seeds are helpful in removing dandruff and gaining healthy hair.

3. Pulses
Folic acid in various types of pulse is helpful in red blood cells. And blood red cells keep our head skin alive and provide the oxygen needed to keep the hair healthy.

4. Eggs
Eggs contain plenty of biotin and vitamin D. There are also plenty of zinc Most of the studies related to hair fall have found that a zinc deficiency is one of the reasons for hair fall.

5. Fatty fish
Salmon, tuna, macarrel, and fatty acids are rich in Omega-3. This nutritional component reduces hair loss by preventing any type of skin inflammation. Besides, there are also vitamins B-6 and Protein and Magnesium. These nutrients also keep the hair healthy.