Foods that reducing your physical strength

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One study found that eating habits can have a damaging effect on your libido. Especially when the age increases, the chances of this harmful effect are increased. Therefore, it is better to exclude foods that reduce your physical strength or waste those power from the list of foods.

Recently, most of the men suffer from the lack of desire for union. Eating out of this problem has a great effect. Find out which foods-

The consequence of excessive alcohol, but the consequences of it Because the excess alcohol has a serious harm to the physical energy. With erectile dysfunction, it is possible to drink excessive alcohol due to the absence of arthritis and early weakness at the beginning of the union. Moreover, alcohol and rich food always keep you awake, so you do not feel encouraged about mixing.

Most of the products made from soybean contain a chemical substance called cytotrogen. It has adverse effects on the balance of hormones in men and women. One study found that there is less interest in meeting people who enjoy soy products worldwide. Therefore, the men who are thinking of receiving the child should be given away from the food list. Because soy also reduces sperm count.

Basil leaves:
Mint leaves are more popular for aroma. But it is not good at all. It reduces the levels of physiological stimulant hormone testosterone, which cools down the body and reduces the interest. So it can be used to eat ginger without aroma of mint for aroma. Ginger is a lot better

Coffee plays an important role in enhancing your physical relationship. Keep your mood in the caffeine that is in the coffee. But too much coffee can be hazardous! It causes damage to urinary bladder and creates sexual and thyroid hormone imbalance.

Cheese made from cow’s milk is now easily available in the super market. Many people do not get nostrils without cheese. The cheese is considered an artificial source of hormones and antibodies. However, eating more quantity of cheese reduces the use of estrogen-containing substances in the body, which reduces sexual attraction in humans. Even the effects of physical energy may be lost.