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It was hot, I brought a group of blood with mice. Now they have no work. As a result, you are always walking in the room, sometimes in the verandah. Sometimes biting is biting, so never neck. There is no peace during sleep The two eyelids were the same, and the ears were opened in front of the sunny baja. Poh ….. pon …. the sound of the twelve in the sound of the evening, while keeping the peace of mind with thought. Think of what is thinking, so? Look at the statistics. The rate of malaria, dengue and chikungunya increase in the last decade has increased due to mosquitoes. I think, “Brother mosquitoes eat some drops of blood, do not worry, but there is no disease, father.”

Your thoughts may be far away Here are some food items that will not see a mosquito near regularly. What does the mosquitoes eat when eating food? Absolutely! What food can help in this case? Let’s look at it.

1. Garlic and onion
To enter these two vegetables, we started extending a compound called Alice, which plays a special role in keeping away mosquitoes.

2. Apple cider vinegar
Every day, honey, soup or salad 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar mixed with the body starts to smell that the boring mosquitoes can not catch up. So, if you have become frustrated by burning mosquito this summer, then start eating apple cider vinegar from today. You will see results in the hands-on.

3. Raw chili
Do you love to eat sour? If you are in the castle! Because more than one study says it is not possible to see a mosquito nearby playing lancia more than every day. Why is that so? Because Lankas have an ingredient called capacin, which plays an important role in keeping away mosquitoes. In fact, due to this capsicin, the stem that is used in the lanka is.

4. Onions
Just eat it, the citronella oil present in it starts out from our body, which is an unknown reason to keep away from mosquitoes. But there is little doubt about whether to get the onions for summer.

5. Peas, pulses and tomato
In these three, there is an element called thiamine, which is the only reaction that is entering the body that starts to smell a kind of odor, which keeps the mosquito away from it.

6. Vitamin B1
There is a debate about this. However, a group of experts believe that entering this vitamin into the body simply changes the nature of our smell. As usual, the smell comes from the body, after eating this vitamin, there is a completely different odor, which plays a special role in keeping mosquitoes and insects-spiders away.