For hair protection don’t do these while applying shampoo


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Somebody in the head a little more, a little less than one mind. However, the one everyone thought. How to defend the life of the hair. I’ve been out two or more times a week, aiming for the shampoo. How does it know? Unbeknownst to take care of the hair loss is not reversed it? Be careful to make a mistake before. Take the time to learn some things just do not shampoo.

* Shampoo hair with oil many had before. There is nothing bad in it. However, when the hair is dirty, do not let all the oil. The dirt is stuck culei.

* Many people do not wash the hair with shampoo in it. Do not do this at all. Hair should be washed well before. If you will be washed twice. After the shampoo.

* Do not grind out loud hair with shampoo. If the dirt is clean better than a light massage. And it is good for the hair root.

* Many people do not know is that the roots of hair conditioner, just do wear to use. The work of the hair is soft. It will be planted at the base of the hair root becomes soft.

* After the shampoo to wash the hair with a towel, rub with a loud voice should not be deleted. Water towel for drying hair or brushing your hair with a towel is not right. It was more than hair.

* Wet hair after shampooing, and I’m not amcarabena. The hair, the hair of the othei gorarao loss.