Foreign girls are cleaning Dhaka University streets

cleaning du

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Translation work can be seen in front of the Dhaka University Central Library and four foreign woman. Wednesday (February X) 10am to clean the garbage in the streets of Dhaka. Lia of them came from Germany, and the United States came from Amalia Sania and cross-examination.

Bangladesh to see how their views about the US women Amelia said, Bangladesh is a beautiful country, the people of this country a little more environmentally conscious when it becomes beautiful. I am happy to encourage people to work paricchannatakarmira. Lia said the young German, I really like the people of Bangladesh. I’m already in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Faridpur kaksabajara traveled. The people here are very open-minded, family ties, especially the people of this country attracts me more. Which is very rare in our country.

Another German questioned the young woman, and I love the country too, with strange kind of food I really like this country, I would like to come to Bangladesh repeatedly. In this condition of anonymity, said a DU student, where we commit ourselves flooded with garbage all around, but do not bother. Today, with our finger in the eye of foreign people aware of the need to be environmentally aware and took the initiative. The United Nations volunteers as they arrived in the country for women and children’s health to work with.