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Mud house. Tin rice above She was tinged with tin. Seeing broken houses A foreigner has come to the house as a new wife.

Malaysian teen Eshhari has recently rushed to Bangladesh in love tension The woman has reached the house of Jahurul Islam, a resident of Faridpur village in Alamdanga upazila of Chuadanga. Isheri has adopted Islam. His name is Jahra Khatun. Married and started the house. Hundreds of men and women in the area are coming to their house to see this couple every day.

On Friday, the house went to know that Yunus Ali’s son Jahurul went to Malaysia four years ago. Take a job in a prison. Eshhari used to work there earlier. By working together, friendships developed between them. After three years of service, Jahurul was caught by the Malaysian police. He was sent to jail because of a valid paper papers. At that time, Jahurul was freed by legal action against Jahurul. Since then, the love relationship between them develops.

Jahurul recently returned from Malaysia to Faridpur village. His father is a farmer. After returning home, Jahurul started to cooperate with her. Ishaari came to Bangladesh from Malaysia on May 25, 10 days after he arrived. On the same day, two Chuadanga courts got married in accordance with Muslim custom. Hindu religion of Eshari birth His father’s name is Sundaram. Home to Malaysia’s Epe area.

The youth of the village Shamim Hossain said, “Jahurul’s family is very poor. They are so poor that they do not have much except a small broken tin house. He is known as a good boy in the village. Four years ago, Malaysia went to Malaysia to overcome poverty. They work together to build love relationships. As a permanent citizen of Malaysia, the young woman also offers various supports. Jahurul admitted this to the villagers after the girl came to the village. They are happily married with the help of villagers. ‘

Eshari (Jahura Khatun) learned some Bengali while in Malaysia. He said, ‘I love Jahurul. I can not live without him, because I have run away in Bangladesh, to him. They may be poor, but everyone in their home is very good. Jahurul’s parents are very good. They love me very much. I’m very good here. ‘

He also said, ‘Bangladesh I like very much. Bangladesh is now my country as a husband country. I wish we would send two jobs in Malaysia and send money to the country. I’ll go to the village. Then one day I will come permanently in this village. ‘

Jahurul’s mother Zaheda Khatun said, “Four years ago, Jahurul was sent to Malaysia by selling four bighas of land in the end of the field. We have no other land except the land of the land. ‘Showing the boy’s foreign wife, she said,’ Very good girl. We do not understand all his words. However, I understand that he is very respectable to us. ‘

Jahurul said, they will go to Malaysia very soon Do the job At least once a year, parents will come to visit.