Fruit or Juice? Which is better…

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Nutritionists have said that fruits are more beneficial than fruit juice, but nutritionists Researchers from Britain, Singapore and Harvard School of Public Health have claimed that the whole fruit reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Do not reduce the risk of fruit juice compared to that.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium, Mineral and Phytochemical, as a whole result. They reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Cancer, reducing heart problems. But just after taking out the juice, vitamins, fiber and potassium are damaged.

Antioxidant is 23 to 54 percent more than fruit juice. Sugar quantity is at least 35 percent less. So fruit benefits are more.

Fruit glycemic index is less than its juice. How quickly does the starch-sugar increase in the amount of sugar in the blood, its measurement is the glycemic index.

Due to high glossemic index of fruit juice, it goes to the body faster. So it is better to eat whole fruit.

The result is a lot easier. Because it contains fructose, glucose and leveulose. There is a need for fennel foods to prevent various diseases and reduce weight.

Flavonoid in the soft soles of the orange. Orange colorful material. Flavonoid and Vitamin C often work together. They benefit from health through their reaction. Flavonoid also decreases with orange juice extracted. As a result, the benefits are reduced.