Funny thing woman did in massage parlor

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There is no lack of interest in the massage parlor. “Rilyaksim body massage” regarding advertising in newspapers or see on lyamapostera question arouses, is exactly what the inside of a massage parlor? In order to reduce some of that curiosity has recently released a video on social media.

What’s on this video? A young man went to a massage parlor in Mumbai body massage. The weekend activities throughout the week, he was approached a little luxury to the massage parlor. Later, he was asked to go to reach a certain room parlor. He went to the house, a young woman is waiting for her massage. When a beautiful young woman dressed in orange shirts and pants injuries to the young man some ghabarei. He could not think of a young man to attend to massage. The young man sits on a massage bed to overcome the initial bewilderment. He said the T-shirt open to men and women. When the young man open shirt, he immediately noticed, the woman took off her shirt. What am! Why will open myasiorake clothing to massage! At times, young men and women to increase the suspense, said: “Sir, you read in bed. Young man does that. Towel pressed to his abdomen began with a gentle massage to the girl. But the young man had no idea what is going to be with him.

Near the end of the massage, the young man suddenly soft voice, said, “Sir, do you want happy ending?” The question is not difficult to understand the young man’s obscene gesture. He quickly said, “No, I want to normal massage. “But the young woman
Happy endim for insisting. Then suddenly opened the door and rushed into the house of one of the immense police officer. Vol changed with the young woman. He cried out, “Leave me, leave me. “The young man working with him any offensive force. The police officer at the weeping woman said, “Sir, this man tried to work with me and forced indecent. “With the young officer by the hand and said,” misbehave with the girls! Let’s go to the police station. “He tried to convince the young officer’s hands and feet, she lied, saying he did not do anything. But the unrelenting officer. He spoke clearly, is to go to the police station, or on behalf of the young man’s father’s phone number would nidena. He would call his father’s celebrity.

Many of the violent shock has so far. But the whole thing was actually pryanka, while the sheer fun. The young man made a pryankera, the joke was his friend planners. They are made in jest to a friend stupid. At the end of the video, they went into the room smiling young man to read the whole thing is clear.

This video is viral on social media. Facebook, or Twitter users say, it really could happen in a massage parlor. So that being the case. Rilyaksesanera who was merely parlor, too many embarrassing situations at the time of the blackmail was dropped. So in a sense this is pryanka video is to increase social awareness. Keep in mind that this video has been shared widely.