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Australia was always at the top of the choice for immigrants. Recently, a few international surveys show that Australia’s cities are the most loved and loved by people all over the world.

The main reasons for the choice are Australia, always the best in terms of peace, discipline, social security, environment, jobs, costs, communication, education and medical standards.

Those who want to travel to Australia must first know that six types of visas are given in the country. These include student visas, work visas, business visa, visa for family members, and other visas.

Bangladeshi Visitors can easily get the opportunity to work and live in Australia, including family, if you apply for a visa by applying work and skills by moving forward according to the right plan.

In Australia, all the migration programs have been identified by several sub-classes. These are:

Sub-Class 189 – Skilled Independent Visa.
Sub-Class 190-State nominated visas
Sub-Class 489 – Regional Sponsored Visa.
Sub-Class 485- Temporary Graduate Visas
Apart from this, especially the relatively easy categories are:

Subclass 457-Sponsored Temporary Visas by Employer
Sub-Class 186- Sponsored permanent visa by employer.
Sub-Class 402-Visa for training and research.
Sub-Class 461 for family members living in New Zealand.

Permanent visa in Australia, including family only in 12 months:

Any foreign nationals under sub-classes 186,189,190 and 489 can now accept Australian citizenship in just 12 months.

This program has some advantages. These are: For this, do not have to take any job offer from the country. Children will get free education, family members will get free medical care. In addition, 169 advanced countries will be allowed to travel without visa. There is no chance of getting permanent citizenship at the lowest cost and less time, no quota or fixed number. At any time, it can be applied for state government nomination and for the family dependent members, PR can be processed at the lowest cost at government expense.


Engineers, doctors, IT workers, accountants, auditors, architects, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, bankers, radiologists, nurses, senographers, pathologists, surveyors, midwives, teachers etc. people can apply in their respective fields according to qualifications.

The minimum qualification required to apply for this program is to:

Age limit

Candidates must be below 55 years of age to apply to the Australia Skield Program. In this case, the expression of interest (EOI) will be submitted first. After that inviting actually submit the original application.

educational qualification

Four year honors and one-year master’s or three-year honors and two-year Master’s Degree can apply.

Job Experience

First of all, it is to be remembered that in order to equal Australia to any degree outside Australia, the candidate needs at least three to five years of work experience in the same field.

Knowledge of english

The candidate must score 6.0+ scores in each module of IELTS (General or Academic). If a candidate can score 7.0+ scores in each module, he will get 10 more points with the application.

Australia Skilled Migration – Under subclass 457 (last date March 2018)

This program is one of the most popular programs in the Government of Australia. Because of the opportunity to work and live with the family, this program can be the choice of everyone. The program has been temporarily blocked. At any time, the program is going to announce the new sub-clause with some changes.

Sub-Class 457 is going off in March, 2018 So you can take the last chance to apply now without delay. Generally, medical professionals, IT, accountants, auditors, architects, dentists, pharmacists, therapists, radiologists, nurses, senographers, pathologists, midwives, teachers, bankers, and many other professionals will be allowed to stay and work with family in Australia for a short time.

The program has significant advantages: Migration with jobs can be done. The IELTS score takes a minimum of 4.5 points. If only at least degree passes. Go to the family. In addition, prior to the time of application the candidate is given priority. That is, the person who applied earlier will be considered before.

Apart from this, Business Migration, Business Investment or Business Interpreter Program for businessmen.

Business Television Program (Sub-Class 132)

Duration of the visa-permanent
Property – 1.5 million ($ 400,000 Australian property)
Turnover must be a turnover of 3 million Australian dollars, or a million dollar Australian Venture Capital Fund.

Business Innovation (Sub-Class 188)

Visa termination – initially for four years, can be made PR under subclass 888.
Assets amount to $ 8,00,000 Australian Dollar Annual Accounts
Turnover -5,00,000 Australian Dollar Turnover, which should be accounted for at least two years in the last four years to apply.

Business Innovation Program (Sub-Class 888)

Duration of the visa-permanent
Property Quantity – Business Property of 200,000 Australian Dollars or 6,00,000 Australian Dollars Business and Personal Property, which must be calculated before applying for 12 months.
Turnover – The turnover of 3,00,000 Australian dollars, which must be calculated 12 months before the application.
A significant issue of migrations in Australia is that, as soon as they go to the country with PR Visas, the children will start receiving monthly social benefits in a month. And most importantly, free treatment is available in Australia, which is applicable to everyone in the family. This facility is not available in the United States. Therefore, deserving people should apply now without delay.

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