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With the improvement of technology in the present age, the amount of physical labor has decreased greatly. Sport, walking on foot – it has been closed long ago. Sit on him and sit for a long time in the car park. With this condition uncontrolled eating and drinking, our body’s fitness is going to stand where it is not saying anymore.

The same thing that is seen in the girls’ mind is unusual hype and Thai. There are many types of expenses to organize these. I will discuss two such effective exercises today. You can do these at home without any help from a computer.

Glu Stretch

1. First stand up straight. Then bend the right leg and put it on the left foot. Keep the balance of the body in this situation.
2. Put the legs in the previous position and keep the upper part of the body from the waist to the front. Notice that the back and neck are straight.
3. Stay in this condition about 20 seconds. Now bend the left leg and do it again in the same way.
4. Do this exercise twice daily twice a day.

Hip Extension

1. Keep the knees bent with the two hands on the ground.
2. In this situation, lift your right foot backwards (approximately 90 degrees angle). The legs straight from your knees will be along the ceiling.
3. Now try to move your right foot towards the ceiling. Hold this condition for 2 seconds. Take the legs back and bring it down again.
4. Similarly, repeat the left foot.
5. Do this exercise twice daily daily.