Ginger drink that reduces menstrual pain






The body of a woman’s body circular process of menstruation. Many menstrual pain, pain reliever drugs it. However, there is a domestic element which will help a lot in reducing menstrual pain.

The domestic component of the ginger. There is an important ingredient in ginger, jinajerola. This is known as pradaharodhi and antioxidant. Not only ease menstrual pain, digestive problems, ginger, vomiting, helpful in alleviating common cold.

The website has been living in a report published by the Department of Health boldaskaiyera.


1. Peel the ginger well with two small-sized.

2. Adake powder or paste.

3. Take two glasses of water in a pan and let the ginger.

4. Let the mixture boil, then simmer for 10 minutes.

5. When the oven to cool down a bit to drink.

6. Drink two to three times during menstruation.

However, keep in mind, too much pain in the lower abdomen can be a sign of ovarian cysts. If so, consult a doctor. And those who are taking medication to thin the blood and menstrual pain are there, they do not drink and eat, consult a doctor.