Habits that are bad for beautiful skin

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Along with good we have some bad habit, which we unintentionally follow and it affects our skin. Most of these mistakes are made by women. Beauty conscious women immediately correct these bad habits to get their perfect skin, to get results in handouts. If you have done these things till now, then correct the mistakes now and see the difference.

Clean the wrong way
Cleaning the skin every morning and night is very important. Especially using makeup But if you clean excessive face or body of your need, then your skin can show dry and dry.

Especially using makeup But if you clean excessive face or body of your need, then your skin can show dry and dry. So be careful! Actually wash soap or face wash the natural oil of the skin. As a result the skin looks dry and dry. So use more water and less soap to clean your skin’s own moisturizing oil, you will find benefits.

Only the sunscreen applied in the face
Sunscreen applying healthy skin on skin every day. But should not apply sunscreen only on the face. Sunscreen should be applied in that part of body that comes in contact with sunlight. In fact, if you apply the sunscreen only on the face, then the face and body color will start to appear differently.

Sleeping habits
The worst habit of skin care is to sleep in the same pillow cover for a long time. When you sleep, collect pillow pillow extra night cream, dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. When you hear back side of the cover again, those things are again deposited in your mouth. So change the covers once per week, use silk cover instead of cotton to get good results.

Additional tests with decoration
Colorful bottles and boxes that are decorated in makeup shops are very lucrative. Different brands, colors, or different cosmetics try to differ. But do you know it’s a grave bad habit in skin care. It is good to remain loyal to one or two brands to keep the skin well.
Use of skin care products that contain alcohol
Good to not use alcoholic products. Due to its diuretic nature dry skin. Alcoholic cosmetics also destroy a hormone called vasopressin. As a result, there is a feeling of skepticism on the skin. Alcohol based cosmetics are lost in skin moisture, so avoid these. In context, try to read compositions of SkinCare products every time you purchase them and choose the ones that are low in alcohol. You will have to buy organic items to get the complete alcohol-free cosmetics.

Use the same makeup brush
Before going to a party you use the makeup brush and leave them in a rash way. When the time comes for the next party, you make the mistake of using the same makeup brush again. The re-use of the same makeup brush with the remnant of the old blossom or powder makes your skin tighten more easily. In this case, the correct method is that the brush should be cleaned with light shampoo after at least twice or every makeup session in the month. Do not even place the brush in the dressing table, so that the sand can accumulate sand. Put them in a bag or tissue instead.

Do not make makeup with EOD
The worst skincare habit is, makeup at the end of the day is not asleep. This is done for two reasons – one, you are very tired. So laziness or two to make makeup, you believe your makeup will be attracted to that makeup. In fact, when you sleep with makeup, your skin gets accumulated in it and then it is caused by acne, rash. And your partner but in the color of the color of the new woman will prefer the newlyweds, rather than the women of Dhaka, is not it?

Misuse of towels or handkerchief
How often do you wash your towel and napkin? Do not say laziness or ignorance, often women face the same towel or napkin, which they did not clear for several months. If you do this, the rest of your towel or rosemary will come back to your skin. In this case, the ideal solution is to wash your towel once or twice a week, so that it is clean enough. If you think it will take time to clean the towel, then keep it in the towel until it is washed. Instead of using the same handkerchief, you can use wet wipes, which can be dropped after use.

The acne and spleen with rash and rash
Maybe it’s a fun time when you try to spit the acne in front of the mirror hours in the morning. Also, when you’re eating, sleeping, talking or being alone, but your hands are on an acne. If you want a nice skin then immediately leave this bad habit. Once you have an acne, it is not eradicated, but the bacteria go through the skin and give birth to another acne. So make sure that you will never open acne again.

Do not go to a doctor of dermatology
For many reasons maybe you can not go to a dermatologist. But it is very harmful for skin paraphernalia. You might say, there is no problem with your skin. So you do not go But contact with a dermatologist is very important if you want to get beautiful, healthy skin