Hair damage by tying up mistakes


Format_2_hair damage by making tail

Format_2_hair damage by making tail(1)

Format_2_hair damage by making tail(2)


Rupacarcabisayaka pathologically wet hair tied up in one report, due to strong resistance paniteila, including hair loss may be incorrect.

Hair wet hair after washing the hair bound severe damage. Dandruff or itching on the scalp may occur. Also as a result of wet hair, locks of hair can weaken resistance.

Hair is always bound: Do not open if occasionally hair will become thinner.

Tough ‘paniteila’ if: extra pressure at the base of the hair piece phalikala or damage. For this reason, as well as hair growing problem occurs when the head can cause pain.

The hair root hair root and hair tied knots sleep pressure. As a result, damage is likely to be.

Solid rubber bands: the hair in the same place every day with strong rubber bands to tie the places damaged hair roots. Alopecia can be created as a result.

Taking care of hair as well thakabe

Beni: You can change the style without damaging the hair.

Hair scarf: Using just pleasant. As well as helps to bind the hair, without the headaches.

Attributes: Using the hair roots are less likely to be damaged.

Hair Ribbons: Ribbons are available in different colors for children to collect himself. As a result, the hair is soft and will not harm them.