Hair Style of Pohela Falgun

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Falgun means to cover the flowers. The sari with spring flower decoration women. Handloom Sarees khopa spring after a few flowers in their hair, or if you do not come back? I must phalunera the sajatai the flowers without soil. Let’s get to know what this phalgune women planting flowers in the hair fashion is all about.

Flower Ring
Phalgune women on one side, such as a year or two ago khopa flowers were gone so much of the style. Jewelers and flower planting flowers switch has changed a lot. After the ornaments on the head of a large flower ring wearing chima chama over pracalanatai now. Over the past few years is the pracalanata. Young saris, Salwar kameez or phatuyara flower head with the wear ring is quite comfortable. The beauty of this flower with all kinds of adjustments to the ring. This is a bohemian-style flower ring adorned brings the varied and nobility.

Flowers open hair
Wear flowers in their hair when the hair has changed the concept that will be mounted. Young women wearing various types of flowers open culei now gets the rose has reduced circulation. Fashion-conscious women prefer lagatei jarabera or orchids.

Flower beni
Today, Benin sometimes has to walk to a small flowers. This phalgune too small flowers can take between Benin.

Artificial flowers
Fresh flowers, artificial flowers have been going on, as well as the state. This time last year phalgune women like to wear hair clip artificial flowers or flower can be seen.