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Due to carrier, due to childhood or delaying the child for some reason, whatever is happening nowadays, it is very normal for a first time to be pregnant at a little older age. But yes, if the first pregnancy is higher then the risk is more than ten. All kinds of problems arise due to unexpected abortions, child development, problems with complications, maternal health, etc. One way to get rid of these is to follow these rules. Suggestions are for both husband and wife. Let’s know, the details.

1) Pregnant mothers avoid all types of public transport. At the same time, avoiding vehicles like rickshaw or motorcycle. Due to these vehicles, abortion is not unusual. During this time, the mother will have to stay in bed rest as much as possible and avoid running too much running, working, junking.

2) Make a dietary list with a very good nutritionist at the beginning of the pregnancy. If you have a physical problem tell it to the nutritionist. He will create a food list that will maintain the physical fitness of the mother and the baby.

3) Be sure to stay with regular doctors. Do not neglect it in some way.

4) Take care of all the delivery procedures after 6 months of pregnancy, so that everything is in the hands of an emergency. The pre-congruent delivery to the first pregnancy is not unusual. Talk to the hospital that will deliver to you. Keep the phone numbers of emergency ambulance close to your hands. Always keep everything in your bag with the help of mother and baby in a bag, so that you can find them.

5) More than just normal delivery during pregnancy, it is more likely to cesare than normal delivery. So keep the financial system accordingly.

6) At this time the husband should take a little more attention to his wife. Remember that due to age, her pregnancy is more risky. You should take care of your wife’s eating and walking, and you will have to look after all.

7) There should be no special pressure on the wife, even if there is no emotional pressure on her. Mental stress during pregnancy can prove to be terrible damaging to any mother.

8) Mom will sleep a lot at this time. Keep in mind that sleep is possible as well as peace.

9) Keep in mind that if your weight is increasing regularly, then surely. Not getting the weight rightly means that the growth of the child is not well.