Health & beauty benefits of Bay Leaf

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Beygepetra does not have any medicinal properties, it also plays a role in the process of transplantation. In this post, there are some extraordinary uses of bayjapara in Ruppanchaya.

1. To remove acne
Put 2 cups of water in a pan and cover it with 5 dry teaspoons. Then take off the lid and take two minutes to a saucepan. Then cover the saucepan with a towel and cover it with the skin. In this way, enough to take a filling of ten minutes is enough. Do this twice a week, the problem of acne and ringlean will not be solved.

2. To remove the infection
The antifungal, antibacterial component of bayjepas is particularly effective in removing any skin infections. Small cuts can easily get rid of torn bruises, insect bites and insect bites.

3. Hair fall problems
You can use the bay leaves in the water to scrub it and use them for hair washing. The problem of hair loss will be completely eliminated. You can also get rid of the hair dandruff problem by bayonetic oil head skin.

4. Lice problems
Pour 50 grams of bay leaf powder and keep burning it in 400 ml water, until it reaches 100 ml. When dry, secrete water separately. Massage this hairy hair, head on your skin. Wash the hair for 3-4 hours. The problem will be solved, lice problems.

5. To remove dental pain
Brush the toothpaste and brush it with the toothpaste. You will see that the stains in the tooth are very far away. But do not resort to this method frequently.

6. To protect from mosquitoes
Raw bay leaves can produce oils of bay leaf oil in the olive oil. If you use this oil in the body, then mosquitoes will be away and you may be protected from mosquito bites.


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