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The trend of heart attack is increasing day by day. Many young people are also exposed to heart disease. As the level of pollution increases around the world, the more respiratory problems are increasing. At the same time, heart problems. And this is going on with various research works. One study said that one month before the heart attack, the body continued to tell the body continuously.

What is that signal?

Due to low blood flow in the coronary artery, there is a possibility of an attack. But it is not one day. Gradually, the symptoms continue to appear. For example,

1) If there is excessive fatigue, then there is nothing to neglect. Because of this tiredness awakens the possibility of attacks later. In fact, this weakness is the result of reducing blood flow. As the arteries become slim, muscles become weak. This fatigue is weakness but the alarm signal.

2) Disregarding Zimunini due to the normal fatigue can be a major drawback. Because fatigue, sweat, and discomfort can occur due to lack of adequate blood flow. And these have started from a while ago.

3) If you have pain on your shoulders, you should immediately consult a doctor. And should not be neglected if the pressure on the chest or pressure in the chest.

4) Before the heart attack, many patients have been diagnosed, they are suffering from mild fever. Some people are suffering from cold. If this happens, but should look into the physical condition.

5) If there is a problem of breathing, it feels like a fire, but it should not be neglected. Each organs require adequate blood and oxygen. But if the heart is damaged, the lungs are also in trouble. So this menace situation arises. It comes with vomiting, abdominal pain, and other symptoms.

In all, experts report that the damage to the heart continues to be consistent. The signs of the flow of bleeding beforehand tell the body. As soon as the treatment starts, many times the possibility of attack will be avoided.