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Are you guilty of over-using hot styling tools to curl your hair? We were too (and our hair was NOT happy with us) – until we realized that you can get the same amazing curls without ANY heat. Amazing, right? Hot styling tools can be one of the harshest things you can use to style your hair. Why? Because they instantly zap the moisture from our hair, leading to dry, brittle hair. *Cue the violins*

To help you protect those locks, we have compiled a list of 7 different ways you can achieve gorgeous runway curls, without any damage! So grab some hair pins, a spray bottle, and some hairspray and let’s get started!

7 easy ways to achieve heatless curls

1. Mermaid Waves

I mean, who says you can’t be a mermaid? All you’ll need to achieve these heatless waves are a few hair ties, a comb, a brush, hairspray and a spray bottle filled with water! Check out the tutorial below for more information.

2. Heatless Waves

These effortless waves will give you those runway curls you’ve always dreamed of, without that curling wand! All you will need are a few hair pins, hair spray, and a spray bottle with water. Simple, right? Click below to check it out!

3. Heatless Headband Waves

Don’t have time to wait for your curls to dry? That’s okay! Try out this heatless headband waves tutorial. This hairstyle is something you can do before bed, and take out the next day before you head out the door! Now when you get compliments on how great your hair looks, you can let your friends know that, ‘201CI woke up like this!” 😉

4. Heatless Curls

If you would like a little more bounce to your curl, check out this tutorial. Again, all you will need are a few clips to hold the curl, a spray bottle, and your favourite hairspray!

5. Lazy Curls for Lazy Days

Struggling with the decision to style your hair, or say ‘201Cforget it!” and throw your hair in a bun? This one is for you! Lazy heatless curls for you lazy girls! The perfect hairstyle for when you want those va va voom curls without the hassle! Check it out!

6. Heatless Paper Towel Waves

Want to switch it up, and have a little bit of fun while waiting for your heatless waves to dry? Try out the heatless paper towel waves tutorial! This funky method is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Try it out, snap a pic, and share your silly paper towel selfie with us at #LuxyHair 😉

7. Heatless Magazine Waves

Another great way to get creative with your heatless waves, and put those old magazines to great use! Check it out!