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The most commonly known disease called Blood Pressure is actually hypertension. Although hypertension is not common to everyone, healthy people are suffering from blood pressure. If the heart is pushed into the arteries by pushing the blood into the arteries, then pressure pressure on the arteries is due to blood pressure. This is a normal level of pressure and when it exceeds the normal level, it is called hypertension or hypertension.

Symptoms of pain on the back of the patient’s head, excessive pulsation, sudden abrupt sorrow, chest rash etc. may be felt. If the blood pressure is too high the symptoms and symptoms may increase. If blood pressure is uncontrolled for a long time, it can cause permanent damage to various important organs. However, if you change some habits, it is possible to treat hyper-tension. Find out some home remedy for hyper-tension

1. Raw Rawon
Raw garlic produces nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide in the blood. This causes blood vessels to relax and blood circulation increases. As a result the hyper-tension decreases. So add some raw garlic to the daily food list.

2. Tobacco and Alcohol Exclusion
Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco Completely to Reduce Hyper-Tension Problems. Alcohol and tobacco help raise hyper-tension. The most important thing is that alcohol and tobacco reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure control medications.

3. Potassium Food:
To reduce hyper tension, put potassium-rich foods on the food list every day. Practice eating one or two bananas per day. Also put juices, palanquin spinach on the food list. Potassium helps reduce the effects of sodium in the body.

4. Drink water
Dab water contains plenty of potassium, vitamin C and magnesium that control muscle activity. Dab’s waterblood pressure controls. So, to reduce the hyper tension, drink a cup of water every morning and night with a cup of water.