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Most of the time due to the summer diet khadyarasikai’ve suffered this kind of trouble. However, the disease does not afflict only the elderly. Bayasidera cuts less spread of the disease has increased remarkably. Multiple case studies have shown that the majority of adults aged 30-50 with chronic acidity of the problem. In the summer or hot spicy meal that reason alone is a disease, but it’s not!

Simbhagai today’s young generation has to leave the house to eat. Fried foods, fast food jayentadera ramaramaya into their choice. Not only that, the time to eat, there is no right maindadera Young. Breakfast at 9 am in the morning, then lunch at 4pm. I do not watch toyakkai kamtake and dinner. 1 tow the night, never 1pm.

Because of the unhealthy diet and lifestyle among the youth of the gas has revived the heartburn problem. I thought this place. If the disease from a young age to lodge in the body, then there is still time. What diseases will also be seen later, the Qur’an, Allah knows it!

The main reason behind that is responsible for acidity of the stomach is empty. In fact, if the stomach is empty during most of the day, then stamake the worst effects of the acid. For this reason, acid reflux, indigestion, including digestive problem occurs. Is there a way to get rid of the diseases?

There are no roads. Put some food in the storage room in your kitchen. If you see a day of the disease, and you can not touch. If you want to live a long healthy low bayasira especially if the treatment is started from today acidity. If this is not evil! The foods that have played an important role in this kind of cure, which is …

1. Butter milk

Alongside these drinks to cool the body reduces the effectiveness of stomach acid. As a result, problems such as acid reflux or throat irritation is reduced to. So the problem that arises from the butter with a glass of milk will taste. Wink problem will be reduced. In this case, butter, milk and yogurt banenara time and then eat a little salt mixed. And more good match.

2. Tulsi leaf

Have you heard right. Tulsi leaves a great benefit to reduce gas and heartburn problem. It contains some elements, which are under the control of acidity brings a very short time. So get comfortable 3-5 wink Tulsi leaves, soaked in water, the heat, boil the water and remove the taste. Blink of an eye will be reduced acidity.

3. Garlic

The problem is simply not an option to reduce the acidity of garlic. The taste of garlic KwaZulu Phelalei stomach acid decreases performance. As a result, many of the symptoms of heartburn and gas began to decline gradually.

4. Nuts

If you frequently suffer from acid problems? After the meal will taste 3 T-nuts. Then you will not be affected by such diseases and. It has a large amount of calcium and ayalakelaina compound, which is responsible for stamaka ayasidadera acidity reduces the power loss. As a result, the gas can reduce heartburn pain.

5. coconut water

Alongside the body of water during the summer shortfall stomach acid secretion plays an important role in the normal coconut water. Not only that, the additional acid is present in the body helps to get you out of this natural drink. So acidity drinking coconut water every day to stay away from trouble advised doctors.

6. Bicarbonate

What is the acidity of the problem was the flat? If you take advantage of this domestic system. 1 teaspoon of soda mixed in a glass of water and drink the water. Drink mixes the acidity of the day if you do not have to look any further. Because this drink works antacids.

7. Aloe Vera

Besides having beautiful skin because it contains large amounts of minerals plays an important role in improving the ability to digest the natural product. Not only that, Aloe acid at Bhera, stamake karyakarita reduces acid produced. As a result, the acidity problem came under control.

8. Ginger

A cup of ginger tea will taste when gas and heartburn. Heartburn see if the gas can be reduced. In fact, several elements of the acidity of the problem in no time plays an important role in reducing the phalate.