How Aamir lose 25 Kg weight after Dangal!






How much does nothing for the image to be an actor! It is sometimes coarse to be dry and sometimes vice versa. Aamir Khan’s new film ‘dangala for’ dry out how fat he was, let’s see it.
Recently, the outbreak of social yogayogamadhyame ‘dangala: Fat-to-Fit Amir khanasa Transformation in the video. It has been shown how the five months to 97 kg weight, about twenty-five kilograms in weight, lowering star!

Nitesa Tiwari directed the Indian wrestler mahabhira phogata jibaninirbhara film dangala ‘phogatera old Amir Khan has seen the role of the obese body. But later on he was phogata the role of the young ages. Besei the shapely body of a hero who has dakho.

Aamir Khan said in the video, “I was talking about the fat and slim agencies that role, I thought he was lying. Nitesajike I said I would like to work as phogatera old. Phogatera will be part of the young. ”
Amir explains why, “I said, because it seemed to me he played the role of the elderly, the movie will be completed yakana I’m going to motai! And I will not be possible to reduce weight! “