How Adnan Sami became 230 kg to 85 kg!

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The day was on 6 June 2006. Adnan Sami, after eating a big piece of cheeses, boiled beans and boiled beans in a big piece, ‘This is the beginning, the new chapter starts from now.’ From that day, Adnan Sami, weighing 230 kg, went on a journey to be a new man. Healthy living and moderate foods begin to reduce weight. Pakistani singer Adnan Sami was not easy to get from the abnormal gross body-controlled Indian musician. Let’s take a look at some of the paths today.

In 2006, Adnan Sami felt a little sick. When contacted, the doctor said that if the body does not reduce the weight of the weight, then after six months, it can be very dangerous due to heart diseases. Recalling that time of his life, Sami said, “The time was like” Doo or Die “. Either I would lose weight or die. ‘

On June 7, 2006, after taking care of the doctors and nutritionists, began eating low-carb hypertonine (low-sugar diet) Adnan Sami He is also doing regular exercises as well.
Generally, many people do exercise and bariatric surgery as well as exercise and diet to reduce weight. By this the excess fat of the body is removed. But Sami did not take any such action to achieve the target in less time. He was dependent on diet and exercise only.

The dinner table

Since the beginning of the diet, Adnan Sami always kept a dietitian with him. His nutritionist and dietician called him ’emotional ether’. Because Samir’s diet was largely dependent on his mental condition. When the mind was good or bad, Sammy started eating uncontrollably. Samye kept Dietitian with herself to control it.

White rice, bread, sugar and pulse – was totally forbidden for Adnan Sami. Popcorns without vegetables, oil and butter, baked fish without oil, and dal boiled their daily food. His drink was prohibited by drinking alcohol or sugar.

Adnan Sami started eating a cup of tea without sugar. Vegetable salad and fish for him at lunch At night, without oil spices, he had to sleep after eating boiled Dal.
Occasionally at the suggestion of the Dietitian, Sammy could eat chicken instead of fish. But it was better to fish or to fish.

Exercise rules

Festivals such as fairy tales of childhood were ‘exercises’ for eateries. At first she was confined to the diet itself. Following the diet charts, he reduced the weight of 40 kg. But still it was very important for Same to exercise in weight loss.

So at the suggestion of the doctor, Adnan Sami, approached by a fitness trainer named Prashanta Sawant. Prashanta advised to walk only long time in the Sami.

When Adnan Sami’s body was slightly neat to walk, fitness trainer introduced him to Treadmill. Sammy started running in the rules of the treadmill. With that he started the weight and cardio exercises gradually. Adnan Sami, who used to exercise an hour each day as well as diet, One day in the week, he got rest from the exercise. Adnan Sami said of the benefits of diet and diet, “slowly I noticed that due to exercise and diet, I became very neat. I could sleep safely, I would have been standing for long, I could walk a lot of ways without being tired.


In an interview, Adnan Sami said, “Since the beginning of the diet, I started getting great results. Although my fast weight loss process was very risky. But since the matter has taken me to the ‘do or die’ stage, I have to make it mandatory.

Adnan Samir lowered the weight from 230 to 85 in 11 months. He said that on average, his weight was reduced by 10 kg per month. Adnan Sami, despite the diet, still drinks, exercises, but does not have as much time as diet. Now understand himself how moderate pressure is necessary for him. As well as emergency regular exercises.