How is actress Srabonti now…






Ipsita Shabnam Srabanti Bangladesh’s famous filmmaker Matin Rahman’s ‘Rang Nahin’ made a lot of attention through the film.
Although he was very popular in his earlier times, he was very popular. Produced by Impress Telefilm in the late Pranab Bhatt’s film, Sorendamudhur songs of popular music artists from Bangladesh and India were spread out in the face. ‘Color Number’ was a love picture. The brightness and youthfulness of the youth of the generation is the main theme of this photo. And the young woman in this picture was Srabanti.

Actor Shabanti acted in the film for the first time in ‘Rang Nayon’. In front of Shrabanti, actor Riaz was present.

The heroine of the super-duper hit film now lives in the United States. Husband and two children are happy. But there is some pain. Ashikuzzaman Tulu has sung many times: ‘In this far away paradise they multiply in the sky in the sky, ‘Evening happiness in the life of exile is a bit more woeful for the birthplace.

Many luxuries are also living in the heart of the people for the country. In the case of labor, there is something else. Srabanti lives in Geyerlandland, near Maryland, near Washington.

Rabiya Alam and Arshma Alam’s mother Shrabanti. Laughing with the two children, the life of the family is well cut. But Bangla in exile was stirred to talk about mind-life. Speaking in Bengali at home. But do not fill the mind. Srabanti Social Media publishes anger on Facebook, writes, “Often English speaks in the face and headache. Save … ‘

It is understood that the mind of the audience is in the comment box. Bangladeshi producer Chayanika Chowdhury advised Shabanti, “Listen, no matter how much English you speak, why the list and you are Khorshed Alam Bhai. This habit is kept, but they can speak beautiful Bengali. Miss you a lot ‘Srabanti replied,’ Yes, we are talking, we speak in Bengali at home. But my face was hurt, Hi, how are you saying … ‘

On October 29, 2010, Khorshed Alam, NTV’s program division officer, was locked in a marriage ceremony. Since the marriage, she has hidden herself from the colorful world of the showbiz.