How is Lagaan’s Elizabeth Russel now?

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Aamir Khan’s famous film Luvan won the hearts of the visitors of the village Bhuban, who won the hearts of the English in the field of cricket. On the stage of the Oscars, the picture reached the boundaries of the Indian audience.

In 2001’s famous movie Asutosh Gowariker’s’ Lagan’chabby, Aamir, Gracie Singh’s performance took the criticism of critics. And Rachel Shelley grabbed attention as a brand new face. Elizabeth Russell of Reel Life. The foreigner who fell in love with a simple young man was a villain. Aamir Khan, despite his strict admonition, played cricket by hand. Their love on the big screen was not perfect, but the broken broken Hindi convinced Elizabeth

Although the blockbuster has passed 16 years of the film, no Indian film has yet seen the British actress actress. Rachel was born in England in 1969.

After graduating in drama from the University of Sheffield in 1994, Rachel stepped into the first acting world of 1994. Then did not look back again. After a successful two-decade successful career, 47-year-old Rachel has removed herself from the silver screen. His character ‘The El Ward”s Helena Peabody character remains in the heart of today.

But not only acting, he is also well-known as a writer. Regularly write ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Dave Magazine’. Rachel Shelley is currently living in London with husband Matthew Parchil and the only girl in London.