How is your fate according to mole location


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Find out if you have money and travel, you can know about the location of sesame seeds. The place of sesame in your body will tell whether you will be rich or not. Some of these topics were highlighted in this article.

1. The meaning of sesame in your right hand is that you will be very rich after marriage.

2. On the lips – they are very old, they are very old. They are very stubborn and they are very stubborn.

3. If there is sesame on the right side of the nose on the nose, then the person must be rich. But wait There will be plenty of travel opportunities after 30 years. Success is also in the hands of their hands.

4. Down the feet – they are born with fate of travel. They also have luck in foreign travel.

5. Waist-waist waist will not prevent anyone from being rich.

6. In the middle of the forehead – sesame in the place of trinayana means you can make life very stable and decide. Money will always be there.

7. The palms of the right hand – money and success will be your shadow. If there is a til at the top, success and money will come. If you’re down, you’ll need time. You have to earn money and success in many sectors.

8. In Thutnite- they are very lucky, meaningful. But they are not social at all, for which they maintain socialism. They prefer to keep themselves in the Comfort Zone.

9. Navee- That means you’ll be very rich. But they are very greedy people.

10. Chef – They are peaceful and meaning is always in the hands.

11. If the connection between the ears or the ear – especially the right cheeks and ears – someone will not prevent you from becoming rich.

12. The youngest finger – they love to travel and travel abroad.