How Mahi & Opu got married?

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Cupid has struck its bow and arrow once again in the entertainment world of Bangladesh as popular actress Mahiya Mahi has just tied the knot. She married Mahmud Parvez Opu from Sylhet, who is a businessman by profession. Even though they knew each other for quite a few years, the families were eager for the union to take place. We have news that last Wednesday, the official marriage took place between Opu and Mahi in Mahi’s own house at the presence of both the families. Earlier, their engagement was held on May 12. Today, the newly-married couple will spend time with some journalists at a restaurant the capital’s Uttara area, where they will also enjoy dinner. The new bride Mahiya Mahi expressed her thoughts, “I would like to thank the Almighty and it is His blessing that I got a kind hearted person such as Opu. He is a simple man and has all the qualities that I ever wanted in a man. The Almighty has fulfilled my wishes. I love the world of films, but I also want to experience this life. I would like to ask everyone for their prayers, thoughts and well wishes that I remain happy.”
Mahi’s ‘walima’ will be held on July 24 in Sylhet.

She told in reply to a question about whether she will continue her acting career, “The world of films is a place I love. However, since after my marriage, I will be staying in Sylhet, I might act in one or two films throughout the year, not more than that. This is because I would like to devote my attention to my new life now.”
To note, Mahiya Mahi made her film debut in 2012 through the film ‘Bhalobashar Rong’, written by Abdullah Zahir Babu and directed by Shahin Sumon. Mahi is supposed to begin the work for the film ‘Harjit’ directed by Badiul Alam Khokon in the current month.