How many cup of tea should I drink a day

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Those who do not like tea at all, they sip a cup of tea twice a day, at least one-handed. But quite how many cups of tea a day should eat their tea-lovers? Or how many cups of tea should be limited? Samajikabhabei or extracts from the chemical reaction, however, does not answer the question.

Did extensive research to find the answer. However, few studies have been small, 4-6 in the Cup rules need to be tied up.
However, much depends on how many cups to eat on their own physical characteristics. Several types of tea contain chemical substances. In addition, the amount of fluoride in your body and is capable of caffeine, depending on the issue.

Saksasa fluoride to accept your body, if you can eat a lot of loose tea. But be careful tibyaga or instant tea mix.

According to some analysis of 013 studies, green tea works to cure some types of heart disease. Pheiluora or manage high blood pressure in the heart of the green tea. This prevents the disease alajheimarsa srstitei pluck tea.

A Harvard Medical School study, heart disease, cancer and other health problems, especially green tea beneficial role.

Another study is called the spirit, at least 3 cups of tea a day reduced the risk of heart disease Eating 4.6 percent.

University of California Los Angeles and the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Cancer Epidemiology, the researchers said. 3 cups of tea per day juo Feng Zhang suggested.

Several benefits of green tea consumption in the match. Check here some of the benefits.

1. Green tea has been feeding mice, their weight down and getting less body fat.

2. Jamale liver fat is causing many problems. Green tea extract to mice with the obesity gene has been fed, fat deposition in the liver is reduced.

3. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels decreased drinking green tea. They contain large amounts of fat in the body of these.

If you do not give away too much of tea, do not drink too much tea cup for 10 days, the researchers suggested. This will pull the reins.