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TV series of the middle class dreams are made of. So dress from sinhi home ‘dream is to create a set of Ray paribara color. Shiny house, a body jewelry, like a dream is all very nice sari. The series actors, actresses earning? Surely she incomprehensible! If you think it’s a mistake to think that any visitors.

Dharabahike acting to work for a level much lower than the income of the Calcutta Telecom stars. Some first-class actors in a series of 60-70 thousand rupees’re getting to, but they are few. The rest of earning Rs 40 thousand to 50 thousand rupees per month. If the TDS of the knock on him again. However, it depends a great deal on the series producer organization. In small organizations, large companies, but many times less than the Rs ayata not available.

The next step depends on the market. Suppose, was primarily the cereals market. In that case, actors are not likely to increase, reducing the income. But little by little, the story of a series of declines character. Episode shooting out of one day taking over the trend can be seen among the producers. If there is no serial TRP again in the opposite direction leads to investment. With the actors, actresses earn an income increased to some extent. That is no longer popular series of stages that mean the difference between running a series on artists.
However, the majority of women caritrakendrika dharabahikai TV.

The main character actress in the choice of the producer, the new face paricalakerai eye. The new face of the ‘new’, such as income when the face is not happen when you are a little older. At one time up to the pinnacle of success in a series played a lot of popularity abhinetrii later left behind. Many people have taken away from the world of acting. But during the nayikai series, or a few days, however, the audience was the apple of eyes. He opened the shop or platform from worshiping ceremony for the presence of a few minutes, received six-figure fee.

So Tele-neighborhood drop ears to hear, from the reality show in the series. Because there is less work and a lot more can be paid. However, the less chance there. The recognizable face and get the opportunity to perform some namirai there. Moreover, the outside world is acting like Sourav Ganguly and they get more money or big-screen actors. Even the role of singer-Musicians reality show judge worked more freely.

However, there is a heaven-hell difference. Sourav Ganguly for a season where celebrities like to drink a few million rupees, the medium-sized actors was a season lakh rupees as well. All that for a season contract with one of the rupee, it is not. Many episodes per day, or as the shooting took Rs. However, in this case in terms of labor rupee series better than that number.

Not only that, in many cases more than Bengali film reality show fee. A low-budget films understudy for 15 days of shooting that amount in rupees, much higher than the non-fiction on TV.