How much sleep do I need? Know the age wise sleep requirements


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The most important way to stay physically and mentally healthy enough sleep. With the growing increase in the current laiphastaile stress the importance of sleep. But most people in the world suffer from lack of sleep. In general, experts say the overall need to sleep 8 hours a day for recovery. But sleep is not equal at all. While 8 hours ghumole adult man, childhood and adolescence need more sleep. Find out how much sleep is enough at any age.

Newborn (0-3 months): 14-17 hours a day

Infant (4-11 months): 14-15 hours a day

Toddlers (1235 months): 12-14 hours on the day of

Pre-school children (3-6 years): 11-13 hours a day

Primary school children (6-10 years): 10-11 hours a day

Adolescence (11-18 years): 9.25 hours in a day

Adults: 8 hours

After 65 8 hours or less

Sleeping is not enough if the child is age affect the growth, mental development, learning ability. Despite the impact of the adults. Obesity increases the risk of continued lack of sufficient sleep, heart disease, physical problems, such as diabetes. Reduces life expectancy.