How Sonakshi reduces her weight


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‘I’m here to be a hero, I do not have to do the zeros!’ Once in an interview, Sonokhi answered such an extra while saying about his excess weight. But now, after losing weight, he is one of Bollywood’s fashion and style diva.

The picture that Sonakshi has posted on her Instagram account a few days ago is remarkable. Even if the size is not zero, the amount of weight he has taken (30 kg), that can inspire anyone.

But the question is how much weight has soaked in such a short time?

As we love to eat Bengalis, there was a lot of weakness in the food of Sonakshi. When Junk Food came forward, he could not cope himself. There was no control over food or any control. As a result, he weighed at around 90 kilograms. It was not easy to reduce weight. One day he was stunned to work hard for day and night. But the Bollywood heroine is not the only one who has left the movie. That’s why the fruit is completely hand-made.

But do you know who was in control of a girl who was unwilling to exercise herself? Who again! He is the brother of Salu (Salman Khan). He started to motivate the soldier. This indicates that the weight loss will not be possible in the film industry. Immediately following the supervision of Salman Khan, athletics started. Then there was no need to look back at Sonakshi.

Diet Chart

After sleeping, a glass of hot water mixed with honey and lemon juice was consumed by Khan Sonakshi. Then on breakfast cereal, with low fat milk and 1 tsp of bread. His lunch at 1 cup vegetable curry and two loaves of bread. With Salad at any given day. Sonakshi can not cope completely in the afternoon. So, at the moment of shooting, ate a cup of green tea and a bowl fruit. And in the night menu, half cup pulses, mix vegetable curry, one piece chicken breast or grilled fish.

Why is the diet? In the hot stomach, lemon and honey mixed with warm water, the toxins that are in the injected body leave. At the same time, many abdominal diseases, including indigestion, do not get the chance to get up. On the other hand, breakfast served in carbohydrates, calcium, potassium and diatary fiber. All these components play a special role in the formation of the body. It also helps in keeping the stomach full of long and strengthening the bones. Lunch, vegetables, salads and salads have vitamins, mineral and dietary fiber. And the one fruit that was eaten in the afternoon removes phytonutrients and fiber deficiencies in the body. It is not possible to keep the body active without protein, so the chicken meat or fish is eaten in the night. But do not worry, weight reduction is possible only by dieting. In this case, there will be a need to take a look at the physical exercise according to the rules. That is the result.

To reduce weight, Sonakshi is following the rules
It is important to follow the rules as well as follow the rules of regular eating. Such as 1 Eat less food every 2-3 hours. 2. It is important to drink enough water. 3. After 6pm, eating carbohydrate-rich food should not be eaten. 4. Eat less food than you can gain weight.

And athletics

Sonakshi went to work in the gym twice a day. In this case, his bodybuilding list includes cardio, weight training, functional training, hot yoga, racing and swimming or tennis. Is anyone able to lose weight due to the rules of Sonakshi? The number of fast weight loss depends on a number of factors. For example- physical history, body weight, food type, physical fitness parameters, physical pain and family history of weight gain. However, food and body exercises are the first two steps of weight loss. So we have to look at these two things first. In addition to keeping life in control. Only then will it not take the time to lose weight.