How this house-wife got over 9 lacs fb followers!

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He is not a famous celebrity. On the screen or in the television serial, he is not seen in the movie. He is not part of politics or in any social movement. Facebook page is never seen as a small business! However, the number of followers on Facebook has exceeded 9 million!

Not only that, with the update of any of his posts, he would like to have ‘Like’ on average, around 5,000 This is the most incredible follow-up in social media for the number of people who are now in the news of this incident, housewife Kiran Yadav.

Why the popularity of Kiran on Facebook is increasing day by day since many people are searching for reasons. According to somebody, he became ‘united’ in what Kiran wrote. Is that really the matter?

It has been seen that Kiran’s posts always emerged in the subject of the misery of the common man. Nearly all the ‘Political Businessmen’ Kiran says. He commented on all the latest issues. Whether it is Mayawati’s resignation or Amarnath is the real mystery of Shibling!

The story of his or her own vacation has also come up in his post. And all her posts are in Hindi Applying language is quite difficult. Yet it is sharing in a moment, like it’s falling thousands of like

Kiran has opened this Facebook account in March 2014. The city of Vaishali in Bihar is currently in Delhi. Bihara has studied Once in a non-government organization. Now he’s not doing anything. There are just about Facebook. In just three years, the number of Facebook followers has increased at an incredible pace!