How to clean a mirror easily





As the mirror is not deleted, bound to have spots. You may have the most expensive liquid on a regular basis to clean the mirror. But having no avail. The spots that remain. And there is no smartness.

To clean stains easily mirror the way home. Boldaskai on some aspects of which have been highlighted. Let’s take a glance to know how to clean the house, mirror, blur karabena

1. Baking soda

Baking soda removes stains easily mirror. One teaspoon of baking soda in a scrubber, good smudge the mirror. The glass mirror with a towel soaked in water to remove it. You will see, in the mirror and shinning spots will be gone in a moment.

2. Water distilda

The water was clear from the more common distilda oyatare mirror. Distilda water with a towel to remove the mirrors as well. Regular use will mirror shining like new.

3. White vinegar

A bottle with a cup of vinegar in a cup of water and mix well. Be sure to spray the vinegar mixture over the mirror. After a while, remove the mirror with a towel soaked. The mirror will be shinning like new and will remove any stains.

4. Shaving Foam

After a while the bathroom mirror shaving foam coated with a soft robes remove. You can see the water up to the mark. But remember, the longer the mirror shaving foam does not remember. It may be the opposite spots.

5. Newspaper

Most cheaply will clean your house mirror newspaper. The newspaper soaked with water, smudge mirrors. Then remove with a soft cloth. You can take vinegar mixed with water soaked newspaper. It will work better.