How to detect fake money through Smartphone






It is very difficult to identify counterfeit money. As well as shopping, banking transactions that counterfeit money when it goes into many of these have been cold. However, much of the concern will be reduced to a single app on your smartphone.

Fraud alert and active, so that’s really difficult to identify counterfeit money. Although Bangladesh Bank fraudsters cycle sanakte real money on the way to keeping these things work. If you are not very efficient, so difficult to understand the public on behalf of the counterfeit money.

Again, without knowing it, with counterfeit money transaction will be revealed if everyone’s doubts, but your own. Therefore, to avoid such unpleasant incidents to learn how to understand what is real and what is fake money. You can use your smartphone to face such a situation Fake money Detector.

The app features all kinds of money are given to photograph. From which you can easily understand the difference between fake money and real money.
As a result, no one will be caught in fake money app. It’s not very complicated. To use the app on your smartphone or on top of .3 version if you will.

Downwind apps from Google Play or from the link below and you can take it off. Very small size, just 4.1 MB. Fake Money Detector Prank Download from Google Play Store

How do you detect fake money?

1. After launching the app will show a button. Click the button to turn on the camera.
2. Take photos of the suspicious money and spread smooth.
3. Find an icon on the right side, click on it.
4. The money will be scanned.
5. The app will tell you the money is not fake.

Remember, taking pictures during the entire portion of the money that comes correctly. In fact, money is not the full picture would look fake.
So try as much time to take pictures of parts of the picture can be worth.

Download today the text of this remarkable app, and enjoy the fun.