How to find expiration date on beauty products

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According to a website of cosmetics, it is advisable to take a look at the purchase of cosmetics in its label. In other signals, you will find a cross-like signal that contains one or more numbers.

The sign means that in the number of months after the decorator’s packet or pot is opened. However, it should not match the product’s duration. Expiry date indicating how long a certain product is safe to use.

And look like a cocktail, the number written in the code indicates how much time it is to use a quota or packet and before it expires.

In simpler terms, it is safe to use within a year from the date of production of a product if the product is valid for one year. But if the ‘6M’ in the code sign means six months, then the packet must be completed within six months of opening it.

The same way can be written as ’12M’ or ’24M’.

It should not be used even after the product has expired after six months.