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Many people suffer from uncomfortable stomach fat. Extra fat and fat food, reducing physical work, sitting in the same place for long periods of time, due to various reasons for fat stomach fat. Regular exercise and moderate diet can reduce fat stomach. How to do exercise, said Kamamat gym girls’ trainer Shamima Akhtar Puli

How to do
♦ Lie down on the front of the wall. Touch a wall above the top and touch the wall. Fold the other legs. Slowly lift your waist in the body by keeping your head firmly.
Put the hands straight on both sides of the two sides. So stay 10 seconds.
♦ Now take a break of 10 seconds and lie down on the floor.
♦ Again exercise in another leg. Five times just enough.

How to do
♦ Read straight and lie down. Keep your hands straight on both sides. The legs are straight.
Take a ball between the two ankles. Hold the ball lightly and keep the feet down and down. Take your head up like a picture. The waist will touch the floor.
♦ In this way, step two-foot down 20 times.
♦ Then move two legs down one foot and sit in the circular movement for five seconds. Thus, exercise on two legs. Grow time slowly if you can not do much at first.
Finish the exercise with 5 circles per foot.

Know it
If you have physical problems, exercise your doctor’s advice.
eat less fatty foods. Balance diet.
sleeping six to seven hours at night. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day.
B. Dv : One can do two exercises alone at home without any help.