How to protect your kidneys






The world is a complex problem with long-term kidney disease. Did you know, however, following some simple things like kidney disease can be prevented. Boldaskaiyera jibanadharabisayaka website to better ways to kidney health department has been notified.

1. Learn family history of kidney problems, did not know anyone had before. Check if you have problems with your kidneys of anyone in the family. Many cases have kidney problems, but symptoms have not seen before. Therefore regularly check the activities of the kidney.

2. If you are susceptible to kidney disease, diabetes blood sugar test. Many diabetes patients have suffered kidney failure. Therefore, patients with diabetes to keep blood sugar under control is important.

3. High blood pressure increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Besides, it is a cause of the kidneys become damaged. If further increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure are together. If your family history of high blood pressure and kidney disease, high blood pressure screenings.

4. Please do not remain operational operational life can increase kidney disease. Sedenatari life that you do not exercise, eat unhealthy foods such as diabetes, high blood pressure, weight, etc. increases. And it increases the risk of kidney disease.

5. Eat healthy, eat healthy food in different rogapratirodhe. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating processed foods. Eat foods that are good for kidney dayetesiyanera advice.

6. Avoid smoking Remove harmful practices. This lung damage as well as damage kidanirao.

7. Drink water, we know that drinking enough water helps to keep good kidanike. However, if you know what you drink more water, but the pressure on the kidneys? So how much water your body needs it to your doctor to learn more.