How to Remove Dark Spots on Lips

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Modern lifestyles, eating habits, excessive sun, and dark lips are due to smoking. Many people think that once the lip
Once again blackish color is quite difficult and expensive to restore. But home care can bring the blush of dark lips.

The sun quickly came in contact with dry lips are black. Tulote before going to sleep a little bit of glycerin and apply to lips. There is no need to wash morning. Thus, both will reduce lip dryness and dark coloring.

A mixture of lemon and honey:
Lemon and mixed with an equal quantity of honey and apply on the lips. Leave 1 hour, then rinse with water or remove. Thus, you can put as many times as you wish. The mixture is kept in the refrigerator for about 1 week, can be used. Within a few days you will see your lips are starting to change color.

Strawberry juice:
Two teaspoon strawberry juice mixed with one teaspoon of petroleum jelly on your lips and rub the light of the day. Daily use of the mixture on your lips blush comes back.

Alamanda Oil:
Alamanda of oil available, will any other cosmetic shops. Prices are cheap. Hair, skin and lips, as well as good for it. Alamanda lips at night before going to bed to sleep on for oil. In addition, two tablespoons of castor oil mixed with a teaspoon of oil alamanda lips and massage well.
Delete thotem cotton soaked in raw milk. If you can get up and do it regularly thotemra black spots.